Posting Schedule

Hello wordpress world! I just wanted to make a small announcement about posting. I haven’t updated in a while because the workload in college gets a bit heavier towards the end of the year, but rest assured I am not disregarding the blog. I intend to have another multi-part story up, but I lack the time (and admittedly the creative inertia) to edit it.  Still, I will adhere to a general posting schedule. My goal for this wordpress is to have something posted every week.  I may fail that occasionally due to writer’s block or a spike in workload, but I will not leave the blog unattended for longer than a month.

Anyhow, the long and short is that I’ll try and consistently make weekly posts, but I do not really have a proper posting schedule to follow, though I can say that I’ll have a real post up later today, not just a boring, informational cop-out post.

Happy blogging, Austin R Ryan


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