Living in Greek Letters


Living in Greek Letters


Here’s a not so tall tale

A little college rendition

A fun story of prim perdition


You know the scene

But regardless I’ll set it


A little ways away

From the stringent old university

In some cramped home

The men dry hump

The women slowly

Dicks tracking asses

To a bulging bassline

More efficient than

Google’s trends and twitter’s tags


The awkward outliers

Circling the edges of empty rooms

With a solitary red cup

Held up

Like a shield


And then across the room you spy it

Something all too much the archetype


Though you might try and deny it

When you see the flock

Of the similar shirted stock

Bearing Greek letters

Like crosses of chivalry.

Your mind gets rather ready

To linger and stalk

Then mock, mock, mock


Most are you human, it’s true

And though that confidence they bear

Seems to come from thin air

It isn’t worth offering the glare


But then you see the one with the backwards hat

And those pretty shoes

With un-scuffed logos

Surrounded by a sea of white

And you smell that cologne

Strong enough to let you know

It don’t come cheap


Then you hear him chant:

Alpha Zeta Gamma Kappa Pi Delta

In the way a walrus

might make a war-cry

Trying to be sincere

But ready to dive behind

A force-field of faked irony


And in one big wash

You can feel the toss

Of waves of surreality


When did I transgress,

(Your mind may stress)

To a state of stereotypes?

An existence of archetypes?


Even with stereos that

Shroud the house in noise

You can hear his constant lack of poise


One moment he nods along to little questions

From a dressed up doll

Slobbering out something droll


And the next

He’s with his brothers

Dancing like a monkey to their music box

Of quests and talks

bathed in a tradition

that never balks


He jabs a pen in the side

Of a Natty light

Taking a messy swig

of a shotgun’s delight


And in one marvelous maneuver

Stares down the empty can

Before it collides

Into an emptier forehead

Atop a face grown bloody red


Then he’ll be off to bed

Some girl with a fragile ego to be fed

Making all the outliers

In the corners of the room

Emit one great internal groan


They wonder why

The universe takes strikes

Against the nice guy

In reality they never did try

To meet a girl eye to eye

Preferring to ruffle

The skirts of the edge of the room

And flirt with empty furniture


All the “normals” have left

And now our archetype

Spends another night fingering

The cold rims of a toilet


Behind any type is a man

Once born honest and

Bereft of any plan

Just one little

C.S. Lewis soul

Possessing a body

And not a morsel more


Delivered by doctors

Into the lap of luxury

He once kicked and screamed

Ungracefully swimming away

From the world he never needed to know


I’ve never been inclined

To admit how spiritually refined

I snootily sustain I am

But I would never set a man to linger

In the hellfire spun from his own finger

Just for a lowered standard

And some mess of manipulations


Yes I digress

That a rage rises

In the depths of my

Murky red heart

When I see a man so tart


Contrive and drive Lie after lie

About how heavyweighted he is

And how many mediocre women

He’s managed to sloppily kiss

And a part of me smiles bitterly

When with spades of self-broken ties

He digs himself a hole

And with a blowtorch of disrespect gone dire

He immolates his own fool self


But in this fine land

Where we give a rapist

5 years and a slap on the hand

In this little world

Where pockets of pedo’s

Parade their exploits

I guess I am not inclined

To see a douchebag’s riches

Turned to sand

Just because he was too myopic

To see the hand of fate pull back

Ready its reprimand

All the same, I heard the “whack”


And when it came

I must confess

Despite all the guilt I bear

For laughing at tragedies too fair

I smiled on and imagined nothing changed,

Perhaps even though on how justice reigned

then hazarded a guess, that your mind did the same

~Austin R Ryan


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