A Long and Dreary Song

Feel the blood pass through

A beautiful red hue

Cascading ‘cross capillaries

No care or carefulness of the rush

Just a bright red blush

An interlude left lush…


money can plot a plenty

power polishes many

But it’s never known

What these actions wrought

efforts of iron and bone

Round and round again

We go spinning


Listen as the beat descends

From the hyperbolic

Means to ends

It’s a rough tonic

A tough sonnet

Another torn bonnet

On display….


Every year’s a little wiser

Teaches us to be much more the miser

Can’t help but play along

In a cycle that’s done us wrong


Listen as the beat descends

From the catatonic

Means to ends

Poems and parlay,

Another place to stay…


Lacking any loud learning

Of the forces and the internal churning

But the honey of the feat

We produced no less, not always neat

Not always sweet


Listen as the beat descends

From the catastrophic

Means to ends

Used to be one who pretends

Now it just never ends


The thicker the quicker

Up the ladder of the picker

Fit and bold competing

With old and sold

Sullied from dirt and mold

What is done is what is told


Listen as the beat descends

From the maniacal

Means to ends

Success and fortune

Breed beautiful greed,

Soil to plant the seed

Of your future misdeed


President or peon

The ring remains bound

in strestchy red velvet

There is no one round to blame

Deep down there is only one name

The few measures of fleeting fame

A sea of the lost to claim

And there you sit, on the golden throne

A dedication to the skills, you hone

The plaque to that power

Yet gold gives way to platinum

Continual improvement the conundrum

Just how fast can we beat this drum?

How much longer will the finger strum?


Listen now,

Listen close as the end descends

From the means and the bends.

The beat is broken

The gods have spoken

Now rise to digest your token!

Listen for the sharp decay

Getting lost long, embedded in the fray

Listen for the quick upturn

The glorious-hellish burn

Hear the fallback

It slows and stiffens sloth like in step and slack

Then the residing smack

The resounding wack

Of a fading chorus

Long buried beneath

Blasting back to the beat




And then it goes:

Listen as the beat descends

From overly orchestral

Means to ends


Listen as the beat descends…

Listen as the beat descends…

Means to end

Means to end

Dear friends

Dear friends


Let the band play you out

Let the Chorus sing your song


~Austin R Ryan


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