Pee-Paw’s Tater Brain

Heydee-hoo there neighbo! Droppin’ a peep in ta letcha knah you better get yer kickin boots on. Yer Pee-paw’s back at the saloon hooting and hollering at all the hollies and hanks how he seen the legendary outlaws Gosh Darnold and Josh Dammit! Third time this week he’s been tall tale-ing the day away – I think. I ain’t peachy pleased to speak it but his tater brains is really mashin’ up the townsfolk ya know.

~Austin R Ryan

As a bit of an explanation, I started writing little short form gibberish ‘stories’ on Facebook for friends just out of the blue one day. It probably seemed random, but in reality I had been thinking about forming up and unleashing the odd stream of words for a while. I was partly curious to see what would happen and partly curious to see if it would grip anyone else like it did me. More than curious, I really was gripped by the words – which grew from the odd ways I saw language being used in memes and in the peculiar vernacular of Chinese ESL speakers – and so putting them out felt like a fine and natural thing. Now I am posting them here too, because I like them and want to share them a bit more.


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