America My Love

First Refrain


down and out in the cold by tenth street

are all the women in forced heat

they peddle their wares

through sweet scents in their hairs


While boys in the black

Talk some vile smack

And the middle aged couples

Run through their scruples


Some men run so far

As to get in their car

And drown family fanfare

In that scented hair


The sixties sang

The seventies swung

The eighties fought

The nineties simply sought

And the millennials swallowed all it was

That their forefathers bought


There once was a man from Nantucket

Who liked to draw dicks so long

his followers imagined they’d suck it

He drew for the throng

For so damn long

That eventually he up and said

“fuck it”


He went to the store, and found it a bore

He barged into the bar, but tasted tar

He jumped to the gym, but was too slim

He pounced to the pool, but found it too full


So he finally flew to the farm

And with what little luck left,

He found it had some charm


They found him one day

In newly bought property

With a ruptured colon

And a horse that went all in


They say there was an artist

Who counted herself the smartest

even though what she drew was the tartest


With a hefty herp

and a deep old derp

She went to deviantart

To draw out her heart


She gave it her all

She put out her best

But the commenters put her

right to the test


She banned and she blocked them

Her reactions never stopped them


As insults came to dominate

She learned to love the hate


But by the time she swung open the gate

The trolls trotted off

And the white knights went soft


All that remained

Were the ratings

So so stained


so low…

Seemed they had

nowhere to go


Her personality was so in detention

That from friends or from family

She could not find attention

Even the internet forgot her contention


So With no eyes left watching

With no time for proper debauching

She walked with rope and knot tied taut



To a bridge in the middle of town

Bearing a deep little frown

And Wearing a dirty old gown


She choked back tears

And recalled the sweet, sweet jeers

As she suppressed all of her little fears


And imagined, that she jumped…

Right into the arms, of her peers…


The suspension bridge never felt so suspended

The story was rough

But the ratings were splendid!


I heard once of a boy

Who loved to make himself a toy

Of sick obsession

And derelict regression


You know he could be a charmer

Once he donned a gimp’s armor

Many would say whips and chains

only gave him growing pains


There once was a time

When shame coated like grime

But confidence can cure aversion

So off he went with his perversion…


Those that knew him – when he had shame

Were quite quick to forsake his name

Friends met him – with excuses so lame

Family threw him off – exactly the same

That was, until he got some fame


When he flew off to the races

When he fell into piles of money

His mom went back to calling him honey

And his friends started to find him quite funny


One day our hero awoke

Went out for a smoke

Found his wallet full of cash

And his phone always a flash

He was a different breed

That one

A dominant submissive indeed

America my love

You’ve outgrown your manger

And I am afraid you are only getting stranger

I feel you rebel from the world

With your adolescence unfurled

You stopped being so slim

And you can’t settle on a hymn

You keep me up every night

Just so I might stare at your blight


~Austin R Ryan