Dirty Sonnet: Romantic Love

I am taking a break from the travel blog for a bit. In place of another entry, here’s a poem. It is a small part of larger poem I am still working on. It is a little twist I have put on the Petrarchan Sonnet. The poem is free verse, with no set rhythm or meter. The rhyme scheme stays the same until the ending rhyme, which I replace with a little limerick. I call it a dirty sonnet! Though, someone has probably already done it and named it differently. Take a look, maybe there’s something you like.

Lust can water desire higher and higher
If two sweet pieces gel well enough
Then wrenching legs away is what’s truly rough
Heat needs friction from emotion rubbed right into fire
Electricity comes after the sparks of odd crossed wire
So much heat and electricity, like housing for a turtledove
And the warm bodies wrapped in conversation feels like love
Yet if that romantic property burns, a piece of you lights the pyre

Fear of falling becomes a calling card
Either in or out, bodies hit the hard ground
Trying to keep the quilt together leaves it marred
Everyone will wonder if the original was ever around
Push and Pull were lovers two
Everywhere they went, together they flew
Until Pull pushed too hard at love and Push ran off with Shove
Pull married Tug, ask Pull of Push or Shove, and she’ll say, “who?”

~Austin R Ryan