We Used to Be Afraid of the Dark


The creeping shadows

Once loomed over a great and mysterious landscape


Massive mountains of stairways creaked out their woes

And the world itself exhaled a cold draft on the nape of your neck


An infinite abyss of the unknown

Clawed out of the closet

Preserved by a great defender, stuffed and sown


Now all that is near

Is the Yeast that rises

The sobering taste of fear

And the bitter, never-ending compromises


The only mystery left

Is buried deep into the human solar system

Un-decoded, lost in the cerebral fields.

Deep in the mines of the untold, unseen subconscious

Lying somewhere between the jurisdiction of man and deity


No one ever reads the introduction

Constantly waiting for the main production

Who knows who remembers life’s initial construction?

The young line up fervent and fine for society’s induction

The dreams are bottled up by reality! Such suction!

Shooting for the moon to learn you’re stuck with earthly dysfunction


Things big and small can be explained by most and all

The building arrogance only leads to speculation about the coming fall

It is weird to know

how underwhelming it is

to finally stand tall

It is odd to see fantasy fail

How bizarre, seeing dragons die off!

It all seemed to go without a whimper

Without even a cough


~Austin R Ryan