The Difference

Burn the incense

Choose the sweet scents

The tense that makes sense common


Now talk the terrible truths

To the tone you tow

With folk that walk you to and fro


Now hit the nail

On the head

So in your coffin you can bed


The air you needs dry

The coffee you wants black

The talk you want is dirty

The game you want is smack


Don’t mistake me for

A wise man speaking true

Bulls be cowed

Mice be manned

And I am just as lost as you


I am looking for a man

Yes a wide hipped woman


I am looking for a sweet

Yes sea salt seasoned sour


I am looking for a time

Yes make my day

But do it by the hour


I am looking for the finish

Yes I want a winter war

And a dash of autonomy

To settle the score


I am looking for the start

Yes I want a place to part

A small town, a wedding gown

A beat for my heart

On an Aztec altar


I am looking for my eyes

Yes I want them rolled back

Inside my head to hear word

Of what I’ve left dead


I am feeling for my fists

Yes I need them balled tight

So in the night I might

Keep my wits held tight


I can’t quite find my speed

I can’t quite catch my mind

It beeped before the buzzer

It shot before the gun

It leashed before the collar


It bit the chomp

It topped the spin

It piped the lead

It pilled the sleep

And heathed the ledger


The water you need’s cold

The time you seek’s passed

The story you sought’s told

The first you find is last


Fiddle with your flute skin

And fill your oboes in

But don’t touch your tongue

It’s browner than your nose

And do not play with words

Since you never can know

who licked them last


~Austin R Ryan